Susanoo Izakaya: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by roger

Susanoo izakaya: Kuala Lumpur, malaysiA


Susanoo, named in Japanese mythology, is a Japanese style barbeque restaurant (Yakitori) specializing in the Japanese method of grilling chicken skewers.  The restaurant’s inspiration comes from the Uchiha clan from the manga “Naruto” and affliated in their fire utilization, which the Uchiha clan have natural control and usage of Katon (Fire Style).   Similar to different styles of smoking methods in America, at Susanoo uses the highest-grade charcoal, the Binchontan which can generate very high heat and smoky aroma to grill all meats and vegetables.

Fun Fact:  Many might also not realize this, but the Uchiha clan’s symbol is also a symbolisation of a paper fan.  Uchiha or “Uchiwa” means paper fan in Japanese.  The fan, when used to fan flames or in our case charcoal, makes total control on how hot the flame would be.

The star ingredient of Yakitori would definitely would be the chicken.  With chicken delivered fresh daily, only a special breed is selected for it’s springiness and texture.  Coupled with the blazingly hot charcoal, the meat is seasoned only with tare (sauce) or shio (salt) for the most natural taste and experience.

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