Sipoo, Finland

by roger

Sipoo, finland


Experience the four seasons; spring blossoming, endless summer nights, the colors of autumn “ruska” and snow in winter in Sipoo, Finland. About an hour away from Finland’s capital Helsinki, you can enjoy the bountiful nature by the sea. Known for eco-tourism, there are a variety of outdoor activities from hiking to dog sled riding while you take in natural sights. If you get lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights! They are most common during winter in Lapland.

Spend time like a true Finn by staying in a cottage in the woods. One of the most popular summer activities is going to your summer cottage. Throw some “löyly” in sauna and dip into a lake after. For a unique experience, you can go on a water voyage on a floating igloo that also can acts as a boat.

Have you ever tried ice fishing? In winter, you can experience ice fishing straight from a hole in an igloo floor. You might be thinking the snow walled igloos, but maybe try a glass igloo. Glass igloos are a unique & eco-friendly way to accommodate and see the Finnish nature at its purest. Admire the views through 360° windows or even from your own igloo terrace. And yes, the igloo temperature during colder months is the same as in any normal hotel room.

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